With the improvement of people’s living standards, modern people are demanding more and more home environment, and they are beginning to add some green elements in their homes. However, they really need to take care of the fresh flowers . For busy young people, many people have replaced fresh flowers with artificial flowers in home decoration. This is also because artificial flowers can be kept for a long time and are easy to care for. More and more people are falling in love with artificial flower decorations. However, many people are distressed while choosing artificial flowers. Today , Let me help you to distinguish between the various materials of the artificial flowers, so that you can choose the right material for you!

The common artificial flower materials can be roughly divided into the following categories: Silk, PU, EVA, Moisturizing Silk etc.

Silk is the most common artificial flower material on the market. This type of simulative flower is of low price, colorful, and has a good degree of solidification of the color. The floral design of such materials is easy to take care of, but the color will easily fade and the edge will be easily rough while water cleaning and the simulation degree of silk flower is lower than that of PU material. Many silk flowers are hand-made, and it is easier to drop on the way of transportation.

PU material: The advantage of this type of material is that the degree of simulation is very high, and it can be achieved in a real situation. The feel is also very real.Artificial flowers of PU material can also add flavor, so that the flowers have a real flower fragrance; This material will be used often for many large flowers, such as calla lily, datura, tulip, lily and so on. It is recycled, crushproof ,waterproof and the color and shape will remain no change while water cleaning. The disadvantages of this material are: Some light colors are less dense than others, such as white, easy to fade yellow after six months; same as real flowers, easier to damage, improper touch, easy to have fingernails according to the pattern.

EVA material: environmental protection material, can be degraded, thrown away or burning will not cause pollution to the environment, the price is generally above the silk, strong water resistance, many decorative lotus will use this type of material.

Moisturizing Silk: this type is an upgraded version of the silk material, and is the effect of the silk material after processing. It feel better than the silk, of course the price also will be higher. The flower surface after humidification can absorb the moisture in the air, and the degree of simulation is higher and visual effects is better. If this kind of material is dry, the flowers will dry out easily. At this time, you can also spray some waters on the flowers. After absorbing moisture, it will return to moisturizing effect!

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